Monday, August 30, 2010

A week of intense wedding planning

Being that Kevin and I live 7 1/2 hours away from where we chose to get married, it makes it a little harder when it come to wedding planning. We aren't able to jump in the car and go visit a vendor. Instead of making appointments here and there and knocking one of the list at a time I had to do a lot of online reserach to look for potential vendors. With a few months of reserach I was able to narrow the list down and make a few appointments. Kev and I planned our annual trip to Oak Island for the third week in July. During our time there we had about 7 appointments jam packed into 3 days. We had meetings with a photographer, a few florists, a couple of suit companies, a taste testing with a caterer, and a taste testing with a cake baker. It was a lot packing it all into 3 days, but it was really fun to spend that time with Kev running around planning our wedding. After it was all said and done we found an amazing photographer, caterer, florist, and cake baker with lots of yummy tastings inbetween. Once we received the quotes from all we were able to narrow it down and choose who we'd have at our wedding. We went with Piner Photograpy (, Salt Harbor Designs as our florist/wedding planning (, Coastal Catering (, and Sugar Confections for our cake ( We also decided on The Wilmington Trolley Co. for transporation ( We sent in deposits and booked some amazing vendors. Whew...what a relief. It was all finally starting to come together. We definitely learned how time consuming and exhausting wedding planning can be!

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