Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December so far...

We've been having a lot of fun so far this month. The weather has been so up and down. One day it's almost warm enough we don't need coats to play outside and the next day it's so cold we need coats, gloves, hats and we're still freezing. We started this month off by celebrating Kevin's birthday. Avery and Grayson drew all over their daddy's card. They also made him a handprint picture that turned out super cute. I love that they are old enough to participate in homemade crafts. Avery and Grayson got to have a sleep over at Aunt RoRo's house so Kevin and I could join a group of our friends in Baltimore at a comedy show. We had such a great time but could not get to our babies fast enough Sunday morning. We got there just in time to see the snow coming down. Now we're ready for a good, fluffy snow, so we can really play in it.
Here are pictures of this month so far...
My cuties in the backyard on one of those warmer days.

We went to Kinder Farm Park and got to see sheep, ducks, and a calf. We also got to see Santa and Mrs. Claus and go on a tractor ride.

Yeah, surprisingly Avery was the one who wasn't a big fan!

My little family on the tractor ride.

Checking out the snow in her "A Christmas Story" snowsuit! Haha :)


They even got to play a little 'ball ball" (football) with their cousins.

This was our Happy Birthday Daddy picture! It melts my heart to see all of these sweet photos of my amazing husband being such a great daddy.

We also got to start the advent calendar that Aunt Devin and Aunt Suz made Avery and Grayson. They LOVE getting the presents down. So much so they have tried helping themselves a couple of times. We are working on asking mommy if it's present time. Avery opened a new little baby on her first day and as you can see she was in love! Grayson opened a lion puppet!

We went to Reston to visit the Fisher's and go to the Christmas Tree Lighting at the Reston Town Center. They loved seeing the horses pulling Mr. and Mrs. Claus more than they enjoyed seeing Mr. and Mrs Claus.

Love's his Suz!

We also went and cut down our very first Christmas tree as a family. Avery and Grayson loved running around the tree farm. This was not the tree we chose...but it would have been perfect for A & G.


On one of those warm days we had ice cream in front of this pretty Christmas tree!

That would be an empty cone with sprinkles. Poor Kevin is lactose intolerant and can't have ice cream which is one of the reasons I think this is only the second time A & G have ever had ice cream.




I volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house and this is the photo Kevin sends me of what I was missing. I can't get both of them to look at the camera together let alone look and stick their tongue out.

Practicing coloring

Poor Ellie is tortured on a daily basis.

Gotta love Facetime with Aunt Devin! Yes, my daughter is climbing in her kitchen cabinet. Never, ever a dull moment these days.

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