Tuesday, July 16, 2013

White Lake, North Carolina

In late June we got a chance to spend the week in White Lake, NC at Kevin's granddaddy's lake house. We absolutely love going there because it is quiet, beautiful and full of memories. Kevin went there every summer growing up and has always hoped A & G would be able to do the same.
This year was a lot different from last year when they would spend most of the day sleeping in their bouncy seats by the lake. This year we got to have LOTS of fun playing in the water and running around the house. We had the best time with our Great Granddaddy, GiGi, Aunt Rosemarie, and our cousins Andrew, Jag, Stephanie, and Nicholas.
We can't wait to go back next year!
Most days we had lunch out on the pier in our stroller. We were having too much fun to go in and eat lunch.

We hung their johnny jump up from the pier and they bounced in and out of the water.

So much special time with my lil man

Daddy got to join us for the weekend!

Our favorite part of the day was watching the sun set from the end of the pier

Chilin with my cousin Stephanie!

Loving the water!




Nana and Granddady came over from Raleigh for the day to see us!

Love, Love, Love these two pictures!

Just about everyday when I went for my morning run A&G would fall asleep.

SO excited!


Loving on mommy...love these times!


Snacking with Great Granddady

We found a pirate ship!

Rosemarie found out about an amazing event being held in Lumberton while we were there. It was the Vonta Leach Foundation Casino Night Silent Auction. There were over 20 NFL players present and lots of fun gambling and dancing. We dressed up for the occasion, left the babies with Gigi and headed out for a night of fun. I've never seen so many NFL players let alone met them. 

Yes, this would be Jacobi Jones (). We were friends by the end of the night :)

Nicholas holding his second cousins

Grayson loved playing on  the pier

Poppy came to visit for the day!

Love this one of my little munchkins

Yeah, it's not so easy to get a photo with both my monkey's these days...

GiGi and Avery enjoying a snack on the pier

Love this photo of Kevin and his mom and babies

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