Thursday, July 18, 2013

First time in Ocean City, MD

Last weekend we were invited to Ocean City, MD by our neighbors Heather and Jimmy. We had so much fun playing on a real beach, eating yummy dinners and riding amusement rides for the very first time. Grayson took a little bit to warm to the rides but Avery enjoyed every minute of it. She was waving like Miss America as the carousel horse went around and around. She rode a fire truck all by herself turning the wheel and honking the horn. It melted my heart and made me realize how very quickly my little babies are growing. I couldn't believe she was doing that all by herself. She was by far the tiniest little peanut on the ride. Grayson's favorite ride was a boat ride with his sissy where he was able to turn the wheel and pull the bell! We had a great time with our friends and are so thankful they invited us for the weekend!

Passed out after a morning run

Avery loved the waves with daddy...once she got used to the cold water!

Grayson loved digging a hole with his shovel like Jimmy.

Spoiled rotten!

Hangin with Dada






Enjoying her new found freedom of walking on her own!

Can you say temper tantrum?!?!

Love his Heather!



Loving the Merry Go Round!

Grayson and Daddy

A chillen in her fire engine just like a pro!

Brother and Sister enjoying a little boat ride :)

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