Thursday, April 11, 2013

What We've Been Up To Lately

We've been super busy the last week and trying to soak in every bit of the nice weather we've finally gotten.

Last Tuesday was Kevin and I's anniversary. We spent it at a super yummy tapas restaurant without kids! We actually enjoyed each bite of our food and got a chance to talk about conversations outside of the babies. However, we kept finding ourselves talking about A & G. Go figure!
Leaving for our yummy dinner!

Sunday was Ellie's 4th birthday! Even though she's a dog she was our first baby so we always try and make it special for her. We took her to the SPCA dog walk at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis with her buddy Blu. Little did we know Lily, Molly, and Seth would be there too! She had so much fun walking around and seeing all the dogs and fun vendors. She got to pick out a new collar and have a special treat afterwards.

Happy 4th Birthday pretty girl!

The girls and babies at the SPCA walk!

The cherry blossoms have finally bloomed. We are a little delayed in getting the babies one year photos taken because we were waiting for the weather to warm up a tad so we could have them outside. They just so happened to be during the blossoms so we took advantage and headed down there. They enjoyed being outside in the warm weather. The blossoms are beautiful this year.

After the cherry blossoms we got to have lunch with daddy at Pot Belly's...Yummm!

And how cute are these precious little toes in flip flops and jellies! I can't believe jellies have come back in.

It was so warm we got to bring out our water table finally. Avery even kept her little hat on for most of the time. I used to hate that there was so much shade in our backyard but now I see the up side in it...

There's nothing cuter than naked babies in the summer time!

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