Saturday, April 6, 2013

On The Move!

Watch out world...our little beans are surely on the move! Avery has decided over the last month plus to put her little skills together and follow her brother crawling. She started out only take a few crawling steps at a time but she has since learned she can get anywhere she wants. She loves to follow her brother around and LOVES to go straight for Ellie's water and food just like her brother. I really have to be careful now and keep an eye on these two. They are certainly keeping me on my toes these days.

Avery practicing her crawling and pulling up

Grayson has a new love for his walker and literally just went for it one day and took off! I couldn't believe how fast he was from the get go. He even knows how to turn it where ever he gets stuck and wants to go. This little boy is on a mission these days. It's a matter of days before he realizes he can do this without the walker.

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