Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wedding Invitations are out...Check!

I wanted to wait and post about our invitations once I felt our guests had received them. So...about a week and a half ago I received all the pieces and invitation assembling had begun. I spent all weekend putting those suckers together. My coworker who designed and printed them could have done it for an additional charge, but I'm glad I made the choice to put them together myself. It added to the fun of officially sending off my invites knowing I had worked at piecing them together. I even got Kevin to help at the end! I don't think I realized how many steps each invitation would take to piece together. It was quite the process but a fun one knowing what they were for :)

I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. My coworker Bridget did an amazing job bringing my ideas into a beautiful invitation that really fits with the theme of our wedding. I ended up going with a navy trifold with creme for the base of the actual invitation part. She used navy and yellow (our wedding colors) for the writing. Our response card was also in creme with navy and yellow writing and fit into a navy envelope. One of my favorite parts that I didn't even know until I received them was the way she designed the address labels. They wrapped around the invitation rather than just sticking on one side. It really added a little something to make them fancier.
Below are a few pictures of the process-->

The assembly process begins...

My handsome future hubby helping me :)

The invitation and enclosureLove the fancy H...my new initial :)Response cardReady to be mailed...FINALLY!!!

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