Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Very Special Text From My Dad...

When I started this blog my intent was to document all that I could for my upcoming wedding so that I wouldn't forget all that went into it and all that came out of it. With that being said, I woke up this morning to a very special text from my dad. I wanted to share it on my blog so that I don't forget the sweet words he sent me with no real reason other than to let me know how much he love me.

This is what it said...

"Luv Ya-Dad. It's only just a few. more weeks until I am going to have to give you to a great guy but you'll still be my little girl"

And yes...this did bring a tear. Love my dad more than he'll ever know!

A father is someone that
holds your hand at the fair
makes sure you do what your mother says
holds back your hair when you are sick
brushes that hair when it is tangled because mother is too busy
lets you eat ice cream for breakfast
but only when mother is away
he walks you down the aisle
and tells you everythings gonna be ok
– Anonymous

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  1. Brie - I didnt know you had a blog! From the looks of it, your wedding is going to be beautiful!!!!! Youll be a gorgeous bride!