Sunday, March 9, 2014

Two times Two Mickey Style

Avery and Grayson had a pretty eventful and fun filled birthday weekend. I didn’t realize how far we could stretch a birthday for two year olds. It began Friday with Nana and Granddady arriving all the while running around getting ready for the big Mickey/Minnie Mouse themed birthday party. Saturday Gigi and Uncle Austin decided to get up extra early and brave the weather to drive from North Carolina to Maryland. They made it just in time for the birthday party festivities.
This was our snow man building just before everyone arrived.
She was pretty happy about the cow suit I made her wear to stay warm. (She was actually upset because I wouldn't carry her).
Putting Mr Snowman's face on.
Yes, I made them sit in the snow for birthday pictures :) Might as well take advantage of the snowy backdrop.
Love, love, love these two more than words!
Two at Two
Someone was pretty excited about her tutu
I made Mickey ear cupcakes and a gazillion Mickey ear and #2 sugar cookies.
The spread...missing a few things (oops)
Smiles with Nana
She loved her friend Aurora's tutu
Mickey ears...say cheers
Smiles with Gigi
Brenner and Celeste
The Fishers
Christopher with his Mickey ears hat on.
Mom, Kay, and Rosemarie
The Jake's
Yes, I found Mickey ear nuggets!
Last year we had at least a dozen guys helping put up a massive white tent in our backyard and this year I look out the window to see Kevin and a neighbor pushing all the snow aside with this…
I couldn’t help but laugh.
Avery and Grayson were overjoyed with excitement at all of the people that came from near and far to celebrate their birthday. They were also pretty excited about all of the Mickey and Minnie Mouse decorations and food. Grayson of course was IN LOVE with the balloons and probably didn’t let go of them the entire party. Avery posted up by the food and decided she was going to help herself. I think I found her eating with a different person every time I turned around to look for her.
Kevin and I spent a few days working on this masterpiece (with help from  a neighbor and his drawing skills).
Haha (Poor Ellie)
And then there's this little ham. She thinks she is SO funny!
Grayson and Molly
A & G with Ren and Justin
 A & G with Uncle Austin and Dada
The boy is slightly obsessed with balloons = money well spent
A & G were spoiled rotten by everyone that came. We couldn’t thank them enough for their generosity.  It was pretty neat to look around at the 30+ people packed into our tiny little house all to see and spend time with Avery and Grayson at their 2nd birthday.
By the end of the night Grayson decided he was done with his pants and kept trying to take them off and run around…
Needless to say when they hit the pillow they were out! At about midnight Aunt Devin’s severely delayed flight (due to the snow storm) arrived and I headed off eager to pick her up. She was so sad to miss the actual birthday party but we were just happy she finally made it.
Sunday we had all the family back over for leftovers and game night. 
Monday the Fisher’s met Kevin, Devin, my mom, my dad, Avery, Grayson and I at the Verizon Center for Disney on Ice to continue the Mickey themed birthday weekend. I was hoping they would stay interested for most of the show but wasn’t quite sure how it would pan out. What was I thinking? I have never seen my kids sit so still EVER! They were beyond excited every time Mickey and Minnie came out. They loved watching all of the characters dance across the ice. Each time Mickey and Minnie went away they would wave and say “bye bye NeNe”. They also asked a few times, “Where go?” They each got a special toy and kept a pretty big smile throughout the entire show. To say we had a blast is an understatement. After seeing their excitement from this I CANNOT wait until the day comes that we can take them to Disney World.
I could not believe they sat still for the entire two hours mesmerized by the show.

Avery loved clapping for the characters and seeing the characters skate around the ice and sing. This girl loves music and loves to sing.
They were so good they each got a special toy after the show.
What better friends to go with than the Fishers. Thanks Alex for the AMAZING tickets!
Tuesday was their actual birthday so we started the morning off with GiGi's homemade blueberry muffins topped with a candle.

As you can see they were pretty happy little birthday munchkins.
That afternoon my dad, sister, Kevin and I took them to play at a bounce house, followed by a trip to make their very first Build a Bear with a gift card they got for Christmas. Granddaddy decided he must treat them to frozen yogurt to top off their special day.


On Wednesday we went to Aunt RoRo's for dinner with all the cousins. My sister and I had made a cake for their birthday but we figured they'd had enough treats that day. So...we brought it with us and extended their birthday another day.

We caught Grayson trying to sneak a taste of his birthday cake.
They were pros at singing Happy Birthday by the end of this fun filled week.
It was a super eventful few days with so many fun activities. I really cannot believe my tiny, fragile little preemies are now active, spunky little TWO year olds! I cannot imagine my life without them and I cannot thank them enough for all of the joy and excitement they bring to our lives. They continue to make us laugh and smile each and every day. They are the loves of their daddy and I’s life and we cannot wait to see where this next year takes us.
Happy 2nd Birthday Avery and Grayson!!!!!!!!!

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