Monday, January 27, 2014

Catch Up Via I-Phone Pictures

Yet again I am way behind on what we've been up to the past few weeks so I will catch up through I-Phone pictures. 

I feel like Avery and Grayson have changed so much in the past few weeks. As much as I want to keep them babies they continue to show me what independent little children they are becoming. They learn new things ever day and show me how much they are growing in the way they interact with those around them, the words they've begun using, and activities/toys they are becoming interested/obsessed with. They are constantly engaging in pretend play which is so neat to watch. They are always by each others side whether that be playing together, helping each other, enticing each other to get into mischief, or fighting (yes this is definitely already happening). Avery's favorite things are playing make believe with her kitchen, putting animal puzzles together, reading books, and she is slightly obsessed with her baby dolls and Mickey also known as "NeNe". I'm not sure how that name came about but they both call Mickey and Minnie "NeNe" and are obsessed with anything to do with them. Grayson is such a boy and loves his trucks, trains, cars, flashlights (aka "yiy-yiyt"). He is slightly obsessed with balls and also anything Mickey. 

As with all other stages I feel like we've reached a new stage that brings about some difficulties as well as some really neat new discoveries. Grayson was having a pretty rough time there for a bit as he could understand everything being said to him but couldn't quite get out what he wanted to say. When he was frustrated the temper tantrums were thrown every which way possible. He was definitely testing mommy and daddy's patience but I'm happy to say now that he's learned to say so many new things the temper tantrums are far and few between. Thank goodness, because it was so hard to see him so frustrated and not be able to make him happy. On the flip side, hearing them talk to each other and talk to us is one of the neatest things thus far. Seeing how they interact with each other, encourage each other and entice each other is pretty awesome too, even when they are trying to get into mischief. I'd definitely have to say I believe they get into more mischief having each other to join in the fun or egg the other on. Two brains are better than one, right? But most of all, they love to give each other hugs and kisses before bed, they love to hold hands and they are constantly giggling with each other. I can't begin to describe how much those moments melt my heart. They truly make the trying times almost non-existent in my mind. Life is pretty fun these days and we continue to fall more in love with the life we have with each other and our adorable little monkey's.

We have gotten quite a bit of snow in the past few weeks. During our first snow we let them have a little snow ball fight just before bed.

Grayson loves sledding!

Especially when he has his "sissy" with him.

Kevin and I got a night out to attend our good friends, Heather and Jimmy's wedding.

Daddy absolutely loves to wrestle with his little monkey's.

Prime example of mischief. They climbed up on these chairs, reached into the top shelf of the fruit basket to grab two lollipops I didn't remember I had placed there, pulled the wrappers off, and began eating them. Mommy learned to even when they are in the same room while cooking they can still get into trouble.

We met our buddy Grady at the train for our first train ride.

We went to a hotel pool and swam all around.

We love helping mommy cook, and especially love helping her make cookies.

My kitchen cabinet is growing feet.

My sweet little man just before his much needed haircut.

Visiting Bet and being super good during his haircut.

Avery loves some selfies, especially with Aunt Suz.


Not so happy with the husband putting Ellie in the crib, but it was pretty cute. Ellie is tortured on a daily basis these days.

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