Monday, August 26, 2013

18 Months (A Year & a Half)

Size- According to the house scale my little peanuts are coming in around 24 pounds each.

Clothing- They are in 12 month clothing for the most part. They can fit some 18 month clothes and sometimes still fit in something that is 9 month or smaller depending on what it is. Avery is pretty much a size 3 shoe and Grayson is a size 4. They are still in size 3 diapers. I bought 4s but they were entirely too big.

Hair- Grayson has the blondest of hair that is straight as can be. It grows SO fast I feel like every time we turn around we need to cut it. He has already had 4 hair cuts since his birthday. Avery has brunette hair with the cutest little curls. We haven't had to cut it yet and I hope the curls don't go away when we do. We can finally put her hair in little itty bitty pigtails. Kevin had the kids the other day and I came home to Avery with a little tiny single pony tail. I didn't even know he knew how to put a pony tail holder in! I only wish I'd seen him doing it :)

Teeth- They both seem to have most of their front teeth and a molar 4 molars. We’ve had an occasional rough night but I can’t even say for sure if it was teeth hurting or just an off night. For the most part Grayson hasn’t been bothered too much with his teeth and I’ve really haven't ever noticed any issues with Avery and teething.

Skills- At this point they’ve both mastered walking and are full on running. Grayson is so fast sometimes I literally have to kick into high gear to catch him. When I ask him for something he loves to take off running full speed to try and get away from me. He thinks it’s so funny he will look back and giggle.

Just this week they figured out how to climb on the coffee table. In fact, they love to climb on anything these days, the couch, chairs, stools, the laundry basket, the dishwasher door when it is open.

They are really good at pushing toys including their walker, shopping cart, Little Tykes cars, or really anything with wheels. Grayson has tried pushing his highchair, the diaper pail, the recycling bin, you name it he tries to push it. I feel like every time I turn away for even a few seconds I turn back and they are trying to get on something or in something they probably shouldn’t.  They have certainly taught me how very busy it can be having twins. This is by far the busiest, craziest, hair pulling, but most rewarding month yet.

They learned a few new things this month including how to stack their Legos and rings. They can put toys away when you ask them or make it seem fun.  They can put the animal puzzle pieces where they belong. They will watch anything and try to mimic the action, such as bubbles. We were blowing bubbles the other day and they both took the wand and tried to blow themselves (aka- jamming the bubble wand full of liquid in their mouths). We are also working at using utensils. They are getting better every day at picking up different foods with a fork and we just started on the spoon.
This summer we have spent a lot of time at our river, the lake or the ocean. We learned that we have two water lovers for sure. They jump at the chance to swim around and play in the water. We have to be a little careful with Grayson because he thinks he can swim independently and will try to kick his legs and go in as deep as possible. I love that they love the water just as much as their mom and dad do.

They both wave bye bye and often times say it as well. They blow kisses and love to blow raspberries thanks to their Aunt Devin. They love to hug and kiss each other and will sometimes hug and kiss others when asked.  They think it is so funny to play ‘night night’ and lay their heads down where ever they are for a few seconds and then pop up and laugh.

Every day I notice Avery and Grayson becoming more attached to each other. They will help each other get something as well as get each other into trouble. I am amazed at how well they play with each other at 18 months.  I think this is because they’ve always had each other around.

Another new first is time out. Grayson has had a few instances of being placed in timeout and just recently Avery decided to join him in being placed there. Anytime there is a behavior that is dangerous or that I am trying to stop I remove them from the situation, explain simply what they did that is not okay and I sit them on the floor in their room with the light off and the door shut for a few seconds. They definitely get it and know they have done something they shouldn’t. I ask them to say sorry upon being taken out of timeout. I have gotten Grayson to say sorry but Avery has only been there twice and hasn’t gotten out the word sorry just yet. At least she knows it's not a fun place anymore as the first time I placed her in timeout she looked at me, smiled, and started laughing. I’m sure this is the beginning of many, many defiant moments and time outs over our lifetime!

Grayson: Ball, Dada, Uh-Oh, Here you go (heego), Thank You (tahyu), Buh Bye, Balloon (Ba-boon) 

Avery: Ball, Dada, Daddy (Dadeeeee),Uh-Oh, Here you go (heego), Thank You (tahyu), Buh Bye, Baby, Tickle Tickle (while tickling you).

They will say Mooo if you ask what a cow says, roar if you ask what a lion says, kack if you ask what a duck says, or Arggg if you ask what a pirate says. They will point to their nose, eye and belly every time and sometimes other body parts when asked. We definitely need to be working on new body parts, colors, identifying animals and more animal noises.
I have a feeling their vocabulary is about to take off. It seems like they have a new word every day and they try to repeat Kevin and I anytime we've said a single word at or around them multiple times. I guess we better start really paying attention to what we say around them!

Grayson- What a spitfire my little man is. He is the happiest, sweetest little guy I've met. He loves to nuzzle up with me, cuddle and give hugs. On the other hand, upset him and you will see a whole other side to him. He has a pretty short temper theses days (can we say terrible 2's already???). He is SO loud when he is not happy just to ensure that everyone is aware of the capacity of his lungs. He will throw himself to the ground and bangs his head, something we are trying really hard to curb. I believe all of his intense reactions come from how much he can comprehend but how little he can verbalize. He isn't quite sure how to get his point across or his words out. I try very hard to get him to use the words he does have such as 'help' or 'no thank you'. Outside of those moments we have a happy wild little man on our hands. He absolutely loves balls and basically anything round or moving such as balloons and airplanes. He loves to get messy and act wild. He couldn't be happier than when he gets to run around and play outside (especially when daddy is home).

Avery- Avery has quite the personality as well, but oh so different from her brother. She prefers to sit back and take in what's going on around her. She is OBSESSED with her daddy. She rarely cries other than the occasional time her brother has gone too far and upset her or if her daddy leaves and doesn't take her with him. Most of the time she is fine with Grayson taking a toy from her or knocking her over. She kind of just looks at him funny and moves on to the next best thing. Although lately I've noticed her giving it back to him a little. She is such a girly girl. She plays in my make-up and loves to go to her drawers and pull something out and bring it to me as if she is trying to put it on herself. If she sees a bow or a shoe laying around she will pick it up and try to put it on herself. And the girl loves to dance. As soon as she hears music on TV, in the car or out somewhere she starts bouncing and waving her hands. She will look around and smile to see who is watching.

This month has brought so much more to each of their personalities. They have had such differing personalities from the start which still holds true today. I love them each so much for what fun and joy they bring to our lives every day. It's incredible to watch how they take the world in as so much is new and entertaining to them!
Happy 18 month birthday Avery and Grayson! Now please stop growing so fast!!!

Avery's first selfie!

Yummm...enjoying feeding themselves their yogurt. It's definitely quite messy!

They love playing at the park

They've even begun to color (briefly) when we're at a restaurant. Can't wait coloring lasts longer than throwing the crayons ;-)

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