Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weekend in Hershey, PA

Last weekend we took a road trip up to Hershey, Pennsylvania. We had lots of firsts. It was our first time visiting Hershey Park, our first time swimming in a pool, our first time staying in a hotel and so on. I'd have to say, staying in a hotel went much better than I had anticipated. It's a new concept for us to have to head back to a hotel mid day for naps and I wasn't sure how easily they would fall asleep in a new place where they could see mommy and daddy. Well, they proved me wrong and both went to sleep very easily. We did so much each day that I think they were exhausted and did not care where they were or who was in the room. THANK GOODNESS!!! 

You would have thought we were in Disneyland with how much fun the babies had in the hotel. Avery and Grayson thought it was SO much fun to run up and down the halls and play on the luggage carrier. Daddy is way more fun than mommy because I was so nervous about them falling or touching germs all over the hotel room. Daddy calmed me down and A and G had a blast.

We spent the first night at Chocolate world where Kevin and I got to pick out a "make your own dessert". I chose S'more and Kevin chose cake pops. While we ate our dessert they brought Avery and Grayson "edible paint" aka icing to paint with and keep them entertained. It was genius! We will certainly try that at home sometime. Believe it or not they didn't really care about eating it. But they sure did love a few tastes of mommy and daddy's desserts.
This is where we picked out or dessert to make

Here are Avery and Grayson busy painting with yummy paints!

Yummy Cake Pop

Mommy's S'more set-up
Avery helping daddy toast the marsh mellow
They LOVED the s'more but weren't really sure how to take a bite. They got more of a taste :)

Someone was not happy when it was time to get cleaned up! How cute is that little apron they gave them while painting?!?!

Next we went on a ride that showed us how Hershey got started and how chocolate is made from the beans to the bar! It was Avery and Grayson's first ride and they loved it! As soon as we saw the cows both of them started mooing. Kevin and I were cracking up!

Grayson was so intrigued by the ride and all of the animations

Avery's favorite part was the talking cows!

They thought hotel breakfast was so cool!

We even went swimming in the hotel pool Saturday and Sunday!!! It was so nice and warm and they enjoyed getting dunked and swimming around in their floats with mommy and daddy!

Daddy took Avery and Grayson to the Hershey Park Zoo on Saturday and boy did they love all of the animals. I can't wait to take them to the National Zoo.

We had so much fun on our trip and can't wait for our next little getaway. Avery and Grayson are at an age where they are taking every new experience in and LOVING it so we hope to have many fun new experiences and trips this summer!

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