Monday, March 4, 2013

Thing One & Thing Two Turn One

All I can say is Avery and Grayson's First Birthday was a hit! We had so many friends and family come and partake in the celebration of these very special little ones. I spent months planning and preparing for the big birthday bash. I started with the theme. I had to go with Thing One and Thing Two while the choice was still mine. Next up, I began working on the decorations. I handmade almost everything. I made their banner, the center pieces, the pin wheels, their month by month picture banners, the wreath, the banners across their high charis, and almost all of the food. Of course I went a little crazy but I enjoyed every minute if it. They only turn one once, right?!?!
Happy Birthday Avery & Grayson
Their month by month pictures
The center pieces & pinwheels
Yummy cupcakes and cookies
The spread

We had the party at our house which I thought would be a little tricky since we have such a tiny house and so many were invited. However, thanks to a big back yard and our amazing friends the Clickner's, who provided us with a huge tent, we were just fine. It was freezing cold and even snowed a little, but that didn't stop the fun!

Avery's favorite part was the cake smash with which she dove head first into. We were a little worried if she was breathing when she stayed in so long.

 Grayson loved the cake and definitely got dirty but his favorite thing had to be the balloons. The boy is obsessed!

Whew! Party planning is over...until next year!

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