Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Where Have We Been?!?!

So...my last post was the babies 9 month update and today they are 10 months old. Where has the time gone? With Thanksgiving, two trips to NC, visitors, parties, construction on the house, and preparing for the holidays our blog has taken a back seat. I am exhausted just thinking about all that has happened in the last month. I'll do my best to catch up on where we've been and what we've been up to. I'll start by saying I am LOVING this age. They still aren't mobile which I dare not push after spending a week with our buddy Colson running circles. I have no idea what I will do with two on the loose.

We spent Thanksgiving week bobbing all over North Carolina. We started with a few days visiting my parents in Raleigh, then we headed to Madison to spend Thanksgiving day with my dads family. Then we headed to Winston to see Kevin's  parents, followed by a trip to Lake Ewharrie to celebrate a belated Thanksgiving with his dads family. By the time we were back in Maryland we were exhausted but so thankful to have spent such quality time with those we love most.

We were home a few days before the babies and I took off for a solo trip to Charlotte. We spent just over a week while I was in a training. At the end of the week Kevin met us as it was his birthday and we didn't want to miss out on celebrating with him. Anna, Travis, and Colson were such great hosts. We got our first cold while we were there which didn't make for the best house guests...sorry Anna! However, the babies had SO much fun together. Colson loved the babies and was nice enough to share all of his toys and even sent us home with a few. The Crawfords are way too good to us when we visit them.

We're finally back home and after two really long and exhausting trip have decided to stay put for Christmas. My family will be coming Christmas Eve for a few days followed by Kevin's dad and step mom. The best part is Aunt Devin will be here in less than a week to spend two whole weeks with us. We absolutely cannot wait and have had a countdown going since she booked her flight.

The babies have loved the Christmas tree, lights, paper and all that comes with Christmas. I'm pretty sure all we would have to give them is a box and paper and they'd be happy. Playing Santa for the first time has brought a whole new meaning to the Christmas season. I am loving every minute of it.

Below is a recap of where we've ventured over the past month!

Someone was the first to the table and the last to leave on Thanksgiving...this little girl LOVES to eat!

This little guy loves to stand lately. And how cute is that little sweater my sister made him for Thanksgiving?!?! My little stud

All 3 of my babies on the farm
The babies with Nana and Granddady

I will be so sad when my lil man doesn't fall asleep on me anymore.

A & G even got to go on their first pony ride on Thanksgiving! Avery loved it but boy did my little man. He was feeding the horses carrots and squealing with joy.
Look how excited he got!
Pat, Grayson, Marie, Mom, Me, Avery and Kevin

As soon as Thanksgiving passed us we were off to pick our very first Christmas tree as a family of four. It really was that much more exciting to do this with little ones in tow. Even though I doubt they knew what it was all about.

Next we were off to Charlotte, NC
Here the babies had their first Bojangles experience...I'd say it was a hit! How funny is it to see 3 high chairs in a row...thank goodness it wasn't triplets!

This was the best shot I could get of all 3 rug rats in the tub

Grayson was in love with Colson's cool car!

Anna took us to see this beautiful tree. Avery was loving it!

Love my little family!

I mean how cute is Colson with his hands wrapped around the babies!

Travis gave my lil man the cutest TC shirt!
We even took a trip to visit Santa for the very first time while we were in Charlotte. Daddy arrived in time for this. The babies did so well. We'll see what next year brings!

Last but not least, Daddy arrived just in time to celebrate his first birthday with his favorite little ones. The babies were overjoyed with excitement to finally see their daddy after missing him SO much. We made a yummy dinner, gave him cards signed by his little ones and a few fun gifts. There might have been a few slobbery kisses as well.

 Upon arriving back home there were presents awaiting the babies from Aunt Devin. She spoiled them with their first advent calendar of goodies. They opened two books on their first day. They loved their books, but as you can see, the box and paper were pretty cool too!

How cute are we wearing Ellie's reindeer antlers?!?!

Precious little peanuts in their Christmas jammies


We are SO ready for SANTA and all our family that will be visiting...hurry up Christmas!

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