Monday, July 11, 2011

April Fools (April 1, 2011)

In my last post about the rehearsal dinner I skipped over the April Fools jokes Kevin and I played on each other the day before our wedding. I know...horrible! Before I begin I have to say it was all in good humor haha.

It all started when I was at my bridesmaid luncheon and Kevin's groomsmen (with Kevin) decided to try and play an April Fools joke on me. Little did they know there WOULD be payback. About halfway though the luncheon my sister noticed I had about 10 missed calls from a few of the groomsmen. She finally decided I might want to call them back in case something happened. I called Kevin's groomsman Jeremy who immediately begins telling me that Kevin had an accident and severely cut his finger while shucking oysters. At first I thought really??? But oh well go take care of it and meet me back at the house for the rehearsal. He proceeded to tell me it was pretty bad and didn't know if they would be there in time because he was going to need stitches. Then I started thinking this had to be April Fools. Jeremy kept assuring me this was not an April Fools that he sliced it really bad and they were on their way to the ER. Eventually I began to believe him and think this may not be an April Fools joke after all. At this point I stared freaking out and wondering what to do...was he going to be late or miss the I postpone the afternoon events...was he okay? Once Jeremy could tell that I was believing him and freaking out he decided he had messed with me enough to let me know this was in fact an April Fools joke...GRRRRRR I tried so hard not to fall for it, but in the end they got me. I decided I HAD to get him back... only my joke had to one up theirs!

After the luncheon a few of us headed back to the house to begin getting ready for the rehearsal at the church. We were almost home when one of my bridesmaids came up with the best way to get Kevin back for trying to pull an April Fools joke on me the day before my wedding. She pointed out that we could us one of my bridesmaids, Anna, who was 5 months pregnant. What better way to scare a guy than to make him think not only is he walking down the aisle in 24 hours but in 9 months he could be expecting a baby. Well... this was BRILLIANT! So we ran to the dollar store to pick up a pregnancy test (we knew the brand of test wouldn't matter if she was 5 months pregnant she WOULD test positive).Just our luck they didn't have one. So...we headed back to the house so some of us could start getting ready and Suzanne and Annette (my god mother) ran off to find a test. Once they got it they took off for the hotel to get Anna to take it so they could then bring it back to me for ammo on my joke against Kevin. I could not believe we were doing this but it was oh so funny. They soon arrived with not one but two positive pregnancy tests. I hid them in the bathroom and told my sister when Kevin arrived to tell him to come up and see me immediately. An hour or so later Kevin arrived and as requested ran upstairs to see what I needed. Long story short I got him to believe I was pregnant and the AMAZING guy he is did not freak out at all. He simply replied..."we were going to start a family at some point...why not now!". I couldn't believe he was so great about the whole thing. I decided to let him go with believing me for a bit just so my family could watch him sweat for a minute. We composed ourselves (haha) and then headed downstairs to begin preparing to leave for the rehearsal. We were almost out the door and my mom asked Kevin to come take a family picture with us before we leave. He puts his arm around me and smiles, at which point I turn to him and shout "APRIL FOOLS". He turned bright red and then white...and then sort of laughed. I couldn't believe I had gotten one over on him so well. Everyone thought this was harsh but the greatest April Fools EVER!!!!!!SUCCESS :)

This is sure to be an April Fools that Kevin and I will never forget...and I hope not a tradition!

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