Thursday, May 26, 2011

T'is the Night Before the Wedding Poem

It's been quite busy since we returned from our wedding and honeymoon. We traveled to Charlotte for my dear friend Anna's baby shower. We've gone to Winston-Salem to pick up things we couldn't get back from the wedding. We've had lots of visitors and we've even attended another wedding (Brandy and Joe's). Needless to say, that would be the reason I haven't had a chance to blog about our amazing wedding weekend. I am going to do my best to get back to it before I forget some of the wonderful details of the weekend.

I'm going to start with the speeches that were given. Kevin's dad began and then a half a dozen or more friends and family around the room all stood up one at a time and gave a wonderful speech or story about Kevin and I. I couldn't have imagined the great words everyone would have had for us that night. It truly set the mood for the evening. I wish I had a video or had written down what everyone said as it was all so special to us. However, I was able to get Kevin's mom to email me her speech. It was one of a kind and really neat the way she presented it. At first we were kind of looking around like what?!?! Soon enough we understood where she was going and she definitely had me in tears. I am so incredibly fortunate to have a mother in law that I simply adore. And after this speech I believe she may feel the same about me :)

She titled it- T'is the Night Before the Wedding Poem

T'is the night before the wedding and all through this room

All creatures are stirring, especially the groom

He is about to discover what his mother will reveal

His penchant for older women, he can no longer conceal
As the story unfolds, he lay naked on the floor

Beside him laid an older woman, with a body to explore

When out in the hall there appeared such a clatter

As the door swung open he cried “What’s the matter”
His mother appeared, about to discover4 year old Kevin and his 6 year old love

In his playroom he was, surrounded by toys
Doing what comes naturally to all little boys
She helped them get dressed, and gave an embrace

Trying to conceal, the smile on her face

She knew one day her little boy

Would become a man, searching for another pretty toy
As all mothers do, she hoped he’d be wise

And choose a bride with close family ties
She loved her two boys, but longed for a girl

But God knew better in His wisdom of pearl,

Be patient she thought, other plans

He must have for a little girley

Little did she know, He was preparing a Bre Gurley
Now, her prayer has been answered and satisfied she is,

A grateful thank you to the Gurley’s she gives

For all of their efforts to create a child with such love

She is truly grateful to the Gurley’s and to the Almighty above
With her long golden hair and a smile to die for
Bre Gurley is more than I could've hoped for
Her beautiful spirit and personality
Have won the hearts of our entire family
My son is intelligent, so I need not worry
His choice was wise, he chose a Gurley
Finally, in an effort to make the past right

I promise Kevin and Bre I will not open their door tomorrow night.
Wishing a joyous time to all

And to all, a goodnight

So creative!!!!

I've included a few pictures from our wedding as there are so many I am going to have to post them in multiple blogs...

Our handsome groomsmen

My beautiful bridesmaids
The trolley that took us from our wedding
The scrumptious cake, invitation, and our very special rings
Love my HUSBAND :)

This was taken down by the water as the sun was setting

My absolute favorite...this one totally caught the moment of pure bliss we were in <3

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